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China has over one thousand million people, with more fine craftsmen than any nation in the world. For thousands of years they have produced great jade carvings, woodwork, jewelry, and tools that have been admired by all. From 1970 to the present time the craft of violinmaking has had a strong increase there, with large nunibers employed in the industry.

The tendency has been to follow the concepts of the Cremona school, with meticulous attention to detail. The measurements are standard and traditional, making the instruments easy to play. Prices vary according to the wood used, from student to concert violins. Workmanship and finish are outstanding, even on the less expensive ones. Fittings used are of high quality, made with the same care. They are also making high quality bows in the French manner, with meticulously fitted metal and pearl parts . Materials used are traditional Brazilwood, Pernanibuco, ebony, silver, gold, and nickel alloy. These bows have good playing qualities, and are worthy contenders in every way. The Chinese instruments, bows, and cases are outstanding values , probably the best for the money in the world.

The industry is still alive in Germany, in Mittenwald and Schonbach. France still has Mirecourt, and there are makers in England and the U.S.A., Good instruments and bows are made in the rest of the world, but nowhere do prices and values compare with the products from China.

Talk to your importer before you buy an instrument, bow, or case. You will save money, and gain satisfaction.



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