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When Edmund Wu founded AMAC violins in 1993, the string instruments available to students were expensive and of inferior quality, a situation Edmund knew had to be rectified. His idea was simple enough: import the best string instruments possible at reasonable and affordable prices.

A professional concert violinist in his native China, Edmund had come to know a number of fine Chinese instrument builders. With the help of prominent violin experts in the United States, Edmund was able to facilitate the cultivation and refinement of violinmaking in China, eventually culminating in the consistently high standard of workmanship evident in the instruments AMAC offers.

This attention to quality was not limited to professional-grade violins, but extended to student instruments as well. As a violin teacher, Edmund saw a ripple effect result from his being able to offer high-quality student instruments at affordable prices. Parents no longer found the cost of violin lessons prohibitive and Edmund's classes grew quickly--so quickly that he found the need to find bigger quarters in which to set up shop.

Every year, AMAC imports thousands of string instruments--not only for their in-house string programs, but also to meet the demand of many fine violin dealers nationwide. These instruments are marketed under the Satori label.

Today, AMAC is divided into two divisions: AMAC Music Academy and Satori Strings, both of which are housed in our 6000-plus square-foot facility in Arcadia, California. There are two instrument showrooms, six teaching studios, and a recital hall that can accommodate more than one hundred people.

A recording studio has been set up to meet the recording needs of both students and professional players. Our recording engineer, Eric Wu, has over twenty years' professional recording experience as the chief engineer of China Recording Company - Guangzhou Branch.

Each year, in addition to periodic recitals, we host a variety of seasonal events:

- Spring: Certificate of Merit Contest

- Summer: AMAC Music Festival

- Fall: Satori String Contest

- Winter: Christmas and New Year's Concert

If you are interested in our music classes or our products please call (626) 446-0808. Dealers are welcome to visit our wholesale division at

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